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A Few Words For Mustafa Aero Supply

Mustafa Aero Supply is the only aircraft parts distributor in Winnipeg that has wide range of distribution from Boeing shop,  Aircraft Spruce and McFarlane. Other than that we have account with Textron and Global Parts USA. 

Being said that it means that we can able to get more than 1500 part numbers from Aircraft Spruce only and all ours parts are at very competitive price and our clients do not have to pay extra shipping cost and pick up is free from our store. 

Our specialty is providing parts like Airframe Parts, Batteries, Cessna Parts, Electrical, Engine Parts, Hardware, Landing Gear, Landing Lights, LED lighting, Air Filters, Alternators, Carburetors, Cylinders, Engine Mount, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Systems, Oil, Oil Filters, Spark Plugs and Starters etc.

The aircraft which we have parts including Beechcraft, Boeing, Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Bombardier and Mooney.  

Scope of Work

  • Mustafa Aero Supply is the only distributor of Aircraft Spruce in Winnipeg. We can get list of 1500 parts from Aircraf Spruce at very competitive price and from wide range of manufactures.
  • Mustafa Aero Supply is the only distributor of shop Boeing in Winnipeg (previously called Aviall). We get very competitive price from Boeing to bring parts in. So our clients can enjoy parts availability effectively. 
  • Mustafa Aero Supply also get parts at discounted price from McFarlane aviation products. 
  • Parts availability locally that can save time and extra shipping cost for our local clients.
  • We have account setup with Textron to get parts of Beechcrarft parts and Cessna Aircraft parts as well. 
  • We also have account set up with Global Parts USA and can able to buy Bombardier parts as well.

Our Staff

Musharaf Hassan Paracha

Managing Director


B. W. Phillips



Parts Sales

Parts Sales


What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers are happy with our services and that is the reason why they say's we are a reliable company and they give us high rating on google.